Fireforum Awards 2017 – 50% Firepronet

The results of the Fireforum jury for the Fireforum Awards 2017 are published.

Firepronet is proud to announce that 50% of the nominees have a connection with our members.

  • Category Firefighters: HVZ Fluvia (Jan Leenknecht), HVZ Waasland (Charlotte Van Cleemput) (2 of 4)
  • Category Architects and Engineering Offices: FESG (Bart Van Weyenberghe) and VK Engineering (Erwin Theuns, Koen Van Herpe) (2 of 3)
  • Category Science and Research: Setarah Ebrahimzadeh, Pieter Poppe and Dieter Brants (3 of 3)
  • Public Award: all above and Tractebel (Lieven Schoonbaert) (1 of 3)

Congratulations to our members!

Please support them by voting on them for the Public Award and with your presence at 23/11/2017!

All details here.