Member Benefits

The goals of our organisation are to promote Fire Safety Engineering and to keep our network alive and our knowledge up-to-date.

To achieve these goals, our members participate in several working groups.

Promotion of Fire Safety Engineering

Firepronet organises a round table on a regular basis with all stakeholders such as the authorities, engineering offices, industry, fire services.

With this round table we aim to create a framework for Fire Safety Engineering in Belgium.

We are working towards the recognition of the Fire Safety Engineer and of Fire Safety Engineering methods.


Firepronet is an active member of Fireforum. As a member of Firepronet, you enjoy the benefits of being a Fireforum member, i.e. discounts on Fireforum initiatives.

Members of Firepronet are active in several domains: Engineering, Fire Services, the Belgium High Counsel for Fire and Explosion Safety, Standardisation committees, Training, Education and Research, Industry, et cetera. This implies that Firepronet offers a strong network for exchanging information, feedback, tips, and experiences among the members.

Up-to-date Knowledge

Firepronet organises several training sessions a year to keep the knowledge of the members up-to-date.

We collaborate among others with the IVPV of Ghent University for these trainings.

Members contribute by proposing themes and giving lectures.

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