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Extensive Study of the Interaction of a Hot Air Plume with a Water Spray by Means of CFD Simulations – Setareh_PhD_thesis – Setareh Ebrahim Zadeh
Master & PgD
Research on measures to improve fire safety on construction sites – BVB_abstractBVB_thesis – Bart Vanbever
Research of the risks of firespread from a fully developed fire in an industrial building to neighbouring buildings – CD_abstractCD_thesis – Caroline Deleu
The influence of horizontal openings on the spread of smoke in industrial buildings – CG_abstractCG_thesis – Christian Gryspeert
Holistic approach of the fire safety of the Military Hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek – DP_abstract – Donald Polfliet
Simulation of floor to floor fire spread – ET_abstract – ET_thesis – Erwin Theuns
Validation of zone and field models to support fire hazard analysis and fire PSA review of fire scenarios encountered in nuclear power plants – FBO_abstract – Frederick Bonte
Fire risk assessment of an airport terminal – connector building Brussels International Airport – GVE_abstract – Guy Verslycken
Comparison of existing empirical methods to quantify the air entrainment in smoke spill plumes – Proposal for a simplified method for sizing smoke ventilation systems in atria – VJP_abstractVJP_thesis – Jean-Philippe Veriter
Experimental study into the use of positive pressure ventilation in staircases during fire service interventions – KL_abstractKL_thesis – Karel Lambert
Detection, ventilation- and water mist systems as active fire protection for tunnels – KVH_abstractKVH_thesis – Koen Van Herpe
Fire safety with smoke and heat extraction systems in underground car parks – LB_abstractLB_thesis – Les Baert
Quantification of the technical fire equivalence of buildings by applying a probabilistic risk analysis – LS_abstractLS_thesis – Lieven Schoonbaert
Quantification of air entrainment in smoke plumes through rectangular openings in an intermediate floor – PP_Abstract – PP_Thesis – Pieter Poppe
Investigation of the influence of SHEVS on the activation time of sprinklers in an industrial building – RdR_Abstract – RdR_thesis – Robby De Roeck
Study of the effects of fire on the stability of the structure of underground parkings – RD_abstract – Ruth Decock
Application of FSE in one-family dwellings : feasible? – TJA_abstractTJA_thesis – Thilde Jacquemyn
Comparison between CFD-simulations and large scale experiments – XD_abstract – XD_thesis – Xavier Deckers
Comparison between the deterministic rules in fire protection of nuclear power plants with a quantitative analysis on the basis of a concrete example – XL_abstract – Xavier Leblanc